Electrical boiler THERMO GROUP

THERMO GROUP Electrical innovation heating

THERMO GROUP is a European manufacturer of "Mini Europe" electric boilers up to 24 kW with small dimensions, embodying a simple technology for domestic or collective heating circuits. It is the subsidiary of an industrial company of heating equipment up to 1000 kW, founded in 1994.

Our European manufacture guarantees a quality product, tested electrically and hydraulically according to a strict protocol meeting the standard of production and management ISO 9001.

Our philosophy is the manufacture of durable products without proprietary electronics, designed to work decades without costly repair.

A study by an agency for the environment and energy management shows that the consumer consents to pay systematically to fix a product if that price is less than one third of the brand new product.

Electricity as a solution for the future

The cost of heating is an increasing place in the housing budget. Coupled with the cost of producing hot water, they represent on average 2/3 of the energy costs of the home. Improving an obsolete electric heating system saves money and improves home comfort.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler is adaptable to many other hot water production solutions or in addition to a boiler already connected to the heating network. Oil, gas and fossil fuels are to be avoided, they will become increasingly scarce and expensive and pollute the planet creating a catastrophic imbalance that has already begun.

Electric power is the only green and alternative energy in the future for your home or your car because it is easily produced, for example with solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbines.


Main advantages of the THERMO GROUP boiler

Economic : It allows a considerable saving due to its low cost of acquisition and installation, compared to a fuel oil boiler or a propane gas butane solution.

Innovative : The system keeps its power and efficiency of at least 95% because of the good insulation of its components, whatever the outside temperature.

Simplicity : Annual maintenance is not mandatory, reliability guaranteed and its troubleshooting is of extreme simplicity.

Optimization : Aesthetic, it is one of the most compact systems that it exists. Its small dimensions make it easy to install.

Discreet : Its sound is low, it emits no emanation, no release of co2 because without combustion, no sweeping...

Comparison of main heating systems

 « Mini » HP * Oil Gas Convectors

* Heating pump
But above all, "MINI EUROPE" is the electric boiler at the best price