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Electrical boiler THERMO GROUP

THERMO GROUP Electrical innovation heating

THERMO GROUP is a European manufacturer of "Mini Europe" electric boilers up to 24 kW with small dimensions, embodying a simple technology for domestic or collective heating circuits. It is the subsidiary of an industrial company of heating equipment up to 1000 kW, founded in 1994.

Our European manufacture guarantees a quality product, tested electrically and hydraulically according to a strict protocol meeting the standard of production and management ISO 9001.

Our philosophy is the manufacture of durable products without proprietary electronics, designed to work decades without costly repair.

A study by an agency for the environment and energy management shows that the consumer consents to pay systematically to fix a product if that price is less than one third of the brand new product.

Electricity as a solution for the future

The cost of heating is an increasing place in the housing budget. Coupled with the cost of producing hot water, they represent on average 2/3 of the energy costs of the home. Improving an obsolete electric heating system saves money and improves home comfort.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler is adaptable to many other hot water production solutions or in addition to a boiler already connected to the heating network. Oil, gas and fossil fuels are to be avoided, they will become increasingly scarce and expensive and pollute the planet creating a catastrophic imbalance that has already begun.

Electric power is the only green and alternative energy in the future for your home or your car because it is easily produced, for example with solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbines.


Main advantages of the THERMO GROUP boiler

Economic : It allows a considerable saving due to its low cost of acquisition and installation, compared to a fuel oil boiler or a propane gas butane solution.

Innovative : The system keeps its power and efficiency of at least 95% because of the good insulation of its components, whatever the outside temperature.

Simplicity : Annual maintenance is not mandatory, reliability guaranteed and its troubleshooting is of extreme simplicity.

Optimization : Aesthetic, it is one of the most compact systems that it exists. Its small dimensions make it easy to install.

Discreet : Its sound is low, it emits no emanation, no release of co2 because without combustion, no sweeping...

Comparison of main heating systems

 « Mini » HP * Oil Gas Convectors

* Heating pump
But above all, "MINI EUROPE" is the electric boiler at the best price

Our models

Electric boilers by Thermo Group

Adjustable power from 3 to 24 kw

Thermo Group boilers are efficient heat generating units for a main heating network using a hydraulic system.

Boilers up to 9 kW are compatible with single-phase and three-phase. As well as the power of 12 kW or 15 kW three-phase, they generally settle in houses or apartments. The 18 kW and 24 kW three-phase powers are intended for large houses, buildings or communities.

Easy installation

It is possible to keep the existing heating system and to realize a multi-energy network by adding the boiler. If necessary, they can be mounted in parallel via a buffer tank.

Its connection facilitates the replacement of an old wall-mounted boiler with fuel oil, propane, natural gas, wood or new construction with new standards.

Electric boiler “ Mini Europe ”

  • 6 kW
  • Single phase (220V)
    2 modules of 3 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 679 € vat incl.
  • 6 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    2 modules of 3 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 679 € vat incl.
  • 9 kW
  • Single phase (220V)
    3 modules of 3 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 689 € vat incl.
  • 9 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 3 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 689 € vat incl.
  • 12 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 4 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 729 € vat incl.
  • 15 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 5 kW
    63 x 22 x 11 cm - 10 kg
  • 739 € vat incl.
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Electric boiler THERMO GROUP Mini Europe


In its simplified version, the mini electric boiler does not include a circulation pump or security group.
It is necessary to install them as described in the example of an operational diagram of a heating network.


  1. Insulated stainless steel heater
  2. ETI Quiet Switch
  3. ETI Power Circuit Breakers
  4. Thermostat temperature
  5. Overheating protection 85°C
  6. Room thermostat connector
  7. Power supply terminal block
  8. Arrival heating cold water 1"
  9. Starting hot water heating 1"
  10. Power LED
  11. Network temperature setting
  12. Cable gland power cable
lectric boiler THERMO GROUP Mini Europe components

Electric boiler “ Mini Europe + ”

Simplicity and technology

The "Mini Europe +" electric boiler incorporates a high-performance WILO Yonos Para energy class A circulator that facilitates the distribution of the water pressure on the heating system while ensuring a low consumption.

  • 6 kW
  • Single phase (220V)
    2 modules of 3 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 779 € vat incl.
  • 6 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    2 modules of 3 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 779 € vat incl.
  • 9 kW
  • Single phase (220V)
    3 modules of 3 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 789 € vat incl.
  • 9 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 3 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 789 € vat incl.
  • 12 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 4 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 829 € vat incl.
  • 15 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    3 modules of 5 kW
    75 x 22 x 13 cm - 12 kg
  • 839 € vat incl.
  • 18 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    2 modules of 9 kW
    74 x 36 x 15 cm - 20 kg
  • 879 € vat incl.
  • 24 kW
  • Three phases (380V)
    2 modules of 12 kW
    74 x 36 x 15 cm - 20 kg
  • 889 € vat incl.
* All our prices are tax included, and free shipping to most of all european countries. For details, please register for a free account.
Electric boiler THERMO GROUP Mini Europe Plus


  1. Insulated stainless steel heater
  2. Pump Yonos Para 7 meters
    wilo Energy class A
    Wilo Yonos Para 15 7
  3. ETI Quiet Switch
  4. ETI Power Circuit Breakers
  5. Pressure relief valve 3 bar
  6. Thermostat temperature
  7. Pressure gauge
  8. Drainage for water's network
  9. Overheating protection 85°C
  10. Automatic air vent
  11. Room thermostat connector
  12. Power supply terminal block
  13. Starting hot water heating ¾"
  14. Arrival heating cold water ¾"
  15. Power LED
  16. Pressure fault LED
  17. Network temperature setting
  18. Cable gland power cable
lectric boiler THERMO GROUP Mini Europe Plus components


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More about heating

Annual boiler inspection

"Mini Europe" does not require any annual inspection, unlike boilers fueled by gaseous, liquid, solid fuels or all heat pumps containing more than 2 kg of refrigerant. This information is suitable for France and most of all western european countries.


  1. Boiler inspection in the EU - Institute for Technological Research

Operational diagram: heating network

Heating operational diagram

  1. Pump: Allows the circulation of water in the network. Its thrust in height of water must ensure a homogeneous circulation to redistribute the power delivered by the boiler
  2. Expansion tank: To be dimensioned according to the size of the heating network, necessary to allow the expansion of the water resulting from the temperature difference between the cold and the warm
  3. Filter: Ensures the recovery of the impurities contained in a heating network
  4. Mud pot: Ensures the desembouage of a bacterial proliferation
  5. 3-way motorized and self-regulating valve: Allows the redistribution of the heat required for the radiators to the floor heating at low temperature. A safety thermostat coupled to the 3-way valve must be installed to protect the heated floor from an abnormal high temperature in its network
  6. Security Group: Pressure gauge + automatic air vent + pressure relief valve 3 bar

In the case where the high-temperature radiators and the low-temperature heating floor are coupled, the boiler must send high temperature to the heating circuit.

Power according to surface to be heated

 6 kW 9 kW 15 kW 24 kW
> 2012 LT 140 175 320 840
> 2005 LT 116 144 276 640
> 2005 HT 98 128 230 560
> 1990 LT 96 120 240 576
> 1990 HT 84 104 200 480
> 1970 LT 88 112 204 480
> 1970 HT 76 92 172 400

Use this chart to guide your choice of power. *

  • Values in m²
  • LT : low temperature 35°C / 40°C by heating floor, radiators. The heating capacity is higher in floor heating due to the accumulation of heat in the tile.
  • HT : hot temperature 65°C / 70°C radiatorsbaseboards
  • For a standard ceiling height of 2.5 meters

* Non-contractual indicative table which could differ according to the actual insulation, the good functioning of the heat emitters and the general condition of the heating system. Thermo Group can not be held responsible for the power selected by the customer.

Heating efficiency

The efficiency (%) is the ratio between the actual efficiency of the machine and the maximum theoretical efficiency that can be expected of it. "Mini Europe" is one of the best returns on the market, due to the low loss of its circuit because of the good insulation of its hydraulic components.

It is achieved automatically by transforming the electrical energy into heat energy, a stabilized rated power limits the energy consumption to strictly necessary.

Combustible Device Efficiency
Wood Traditional stove 70 - 80
  High-tech stove 55 - 70
Electricity Central generator / boards 75 - 82
Oil Flame Retention Burner 69 - 74
  Traditional burner 60
Natural gas Traditional 55 - 65
  Pulsed discharge 75 - 80
  Condensation 88 - 90
Pellets Wood pellet stove 55 - 80
Propane Traditional 55 - 65
  Pulsed discharge 76 - 80
  Condensation 82 - 86
  Central generator 45 - 55

From electrical energy to heat energy


The efficiency is reached automatically and continuously because of the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy.

Cold water arrives at the bottom of the boiler, its temperature increases as it passes through the contact of the electric heater up to the high point. When the requested setpoint is reached, the boiler switches off and then resets itself when the temperature of the heating system requires additional energy.

The nominal power is reached almost immediately without unnecessary energy consumption, limiting it to the strictly necessary.

20 important points to remember

  • Electricity is a competitive energy. With an efficiency close to 100% of which you pay the bill after consumption with no storage or availability problem, uncontrolled price inflation. It is an abundant energy for the future, delivered at home.
  • Laws prohibit the disconnection of electricity and if a power failure occurs, oil and gas heaters do not work either.
  • Electrical bills are spread over the year with no money advance. A multitude of good reasons justify the growing interest of the Europeans for the choice of electric heating.
  • Modular because no problem of transformation or enlargement of the house. Minimization work has been reduced to a minimum, since the unit simply comes as a substitute for your old boiler, it takes up very little space, so no square meters are lost.
  • It can be coupled with a solar system such as photovoltaic panels or a wind turbine. A precise and long life concept.
  • "Mini Europe" boiler is suitable for all applications. Simple and fast installation in new or renovated. It is designed for small or large houses, old or new buildings, apartments, communal / collective professional / livestock buildings, greenhouses, communal or sports halls.
  • It is of new generation, economic and ecological to high, medium or low temperature. It heats up as much as you like whatever the outside temperature as it can reach a boiler output temperature up to 70 °.
  • It is installed without modification of the existing central heating system in all houses and buildings with a hot water circuit for heating: radiators cast iron, steels, heating floors, skirting boards, air heaters, finned tubes, ...
  • There is no change of heating transmitters (radiators), as they have the same inlet water temperature and will have exactly the same heat dissipation power
  • Low noise power, no compressor, no fan (unlike an Air / Air heat pump operating from 60 to 75 dB and approximately 45 to 55 dB for an Air / Water heat pump). No installation of hot air distribution system unlike Air / Air heat pumps.
  • Wood stove, charcoal or fuel oil: significant loss of heat at the combustion site and in the flue. Obligation of a call of cold air by the ground for the safety and the maintenance of a breathing air. Regulation almost impossible.
  • Electric convectors: vertical heat diffusion, high air stirring and cold feet sensation, difficult regulation and wall turn black. With the "Mini Europe" boiler, there is no additional electrical installation in the living rooms, unlike the installation required for electric heating by convectors or heat storage with the specific power supply of these devices.
  • A heating system whose inspection is also reduced, almost free. Extreme reliability, small footprint, ease of installation, smoke-free, Co²-free. Operates without oil, gas, wood, refrigerant gas.
  • Electric heating is a clean heating system that does not stir up air. Safe and simple system for any user. Operates without untimely consumption of oxygen, does not dry the air and preserves hygrometry. Clean and safe air guaranteed.
  • The boiler is not a heat pump, there is no moving part and no refrigerant either (in the area of greenhouse gases, the refrigerants used in the heat pumps are up to 15,000 times more polluting than CO²).
  • The performances of the "Mini Europe" boiler are identical, regardless of the outside temperature, even very strongly negative. The "COP" of the indicated heat pumps are measured at + 7 ° and an electrical resistance takes over in case of negative temperature. This means that by -20 ° constant the electric heating will always have a constant consumption, which is not the case of an Air / Air heat pump that needs this electrical resistance before such a temperature.
  • It does not require any additionnal heating boiler, chimney, casing so no sweeping and required inspection. It requires only one electricity subscription, no additional connection costs like for gas.
  • No special network, no connection fees or additional subscription charges (gas, etc.), special fittings such as retention pit (oil), special column (gas, etc.), shelter (wood), or corner occupied (propane), smoke extraction chimney, sweeping, energy storage.
  • Heat pumps often require the installation of a buffer tank, in particular because of the risk of frost in the outdoor unit in winter and in order to maintain a sufficient reserve of energy.
  • No external earthwork or drilling for the installation of the catchment network compared to the heat pumps in geothermal or Air / Water heat pump.

All these arguments justify the choice to buy a boiler at the best price because it is sufficient if well dimensioned. Many defective heater pumps, even before they have become profitable, are transformed into the installation of a "Mini Europe" electric boiler!


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thermogroup registered since 2005, is the official distribution site for THERMO GROUP boilers.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler is economical and ecological, fits on low-temperature heating floor (standards compliant), high-temperature radiators, baseboard heaters and for heating use, towel dryer, water heater, pool for individuals and professionals (public market, communal and collective buildings, collectivities, school, town or sports hall, multipurpose room, hotel, restaurant, cafe, gites, bed and breakfast...

Electric boiler THERMO GROUP: purchase of heating, specialist in cheap electric boiler, ask for a quote of electric boiler, a cheap price on electric boiler for the individuals or the professionals.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler ensures a controlled consumption and a systematic repair in the event of an out-of-warranty malfunction without compulsory maintenance because heating must remain profitable over the long term; In comparison with traditional heat pump heaters, gas boiler (natural, propane, butane), fuel oil boiler, wood pellets, convectors. Whatever the surface to be heated, our boilers adapt themselves to renovation as for a new construction.

A boiler manufactured in Europe, delivered quickly to United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland) : London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburg, Manchester, Bristol, Kirklees, Fife, Wirral, North Lanarkshire, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dudley, Belfast...Ireland : Dublin, Cork, Limerick... and all major European countries : Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland...

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