The yield (%) is the ratio between the machine actual efficiency and the maximum theoretical efficiency that can be expected from it.

It is automatically reached by the transformation of the electrical energy into heat energy, a stabilized nominal power limits the energy consumption to the very minimum, without unnecessary energy consumption.

The boiler « Mini Europe » is among the best in the market, resulting from the low loss of its circuit thanks to the good insulation of its hydraulic components. See our comparison below.

From electric energy to heating energy

Cold water arrives through the low point of the boiler, its temperature increases during its crossing thanks to the contact of the electric heating body to the high point. When it reaches the required temperature, the boiler switches off and then re-engages if the temperature drops.

Which heating fuel has the best performance ?

Device | Average yield in %

Electric heating

Central generator / skirting | 78

Wood heating

Traditional stove | 75
High-tech stove | 62

Natural gas heating

Traditional | 60
Pulsed evacuation system | 77
Condensation system | 89

Oil heating

Flame holder | 72
Traditional burner | 60

Wood pellets

Wood pellet stove | 67

Propane gas heating

Traditional | 60
Pulsed evacuation system | 78
Condensation system | 84
Central Generator | 50

» To go further : how is the heating efficiency calculated ?

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