Currently, the electric boiler is gaining ground among European households. As its name suggests, this type of boiler uses electricity as a source of energy to power its system and distribute heat to radiators, water heaters or even underfloor heating. But how do you maintain your electric boiler ?

The electric boiler, a great alternative

Among the various heating systems, the electric boiler remains one of the most advantageous. Recommended for a floor heating but also for the hot water tank or the radiators of the housing, it is silent and does not need any installation of flue. And thanks to the absence of CO² emission, the family has a healthy air inside the house.

In addition, and unlike the gas boiler, the electric boiler does not require mandatory annual maintenance. But although optional, this one is advised.

How can you maintain an electric boiler?

The maintenance of the electric boiler is different from the one of a wood or gas boiler, but also less restrictive. It is composed of ;

  • the examination ;
  • cleaning ;
  • the final check.

The examination

For the first step, it is essential to unplug the power cable to power off the device. All parts of the boiler must be scrutinized carefully. None must be disconnected and all must be securely fastened. All electrical tightening must be checked to ensure that the electrical wires are in place.


The second step is a deep cleaning of all parts, inside and outside the structure. This operation is quite delicate and requires special attention to avoid moving an accessory by mistake.

Final verification

Finally, the last step consists in checking the correct operation of the boiler by taking into account one by one the parts and accessories making it up. This step is used to identify the defective ones in order to repair or change them.

Who can maintain an electric boiler?

Although everyone can have the faculties or advice to maintain an electric boiler, the intervention of a professional is always recommended. Indeed, the expert has all the skills and knowledge in the electric boiler field.

Why is it important to do the maintenance ?

It is important to note that the right operation of the electric boiler is directly connected to its energy consumption. As a result, a small malfunction or failure of one of the elements can lead to an increase of the energy bill. The maintenance serves then to have a control on the device and guarantees its correct electricity consumption.

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