Equipping an electric boiler is a wise choice in a modern home to ensure the comfort of its residents. Now available in several designs, models and power systems, the choice of this device should not be made randomly, some criteria must be considered, which ones ?

The different models of electric boilers

In just a few years, the technology of electric boilers has made steady progress. This concerns all aspects of this device including design and clutter. Therefore, the electric boiler should be able to occupy a place of choice if you plan to replace your current boiler.

Note that the most popular electric boilers are wall mounted electric boilers. As the name suggests, it can easily hang on the wall in any room of the house. In this way, it does not take up too much space.

Note that there are also boilers on the floor, more cumbersome (but not more powerful), and that these two types of electric boilers exist with or without integrated hot water tank (also called cumulus).

Heating power

First, what is the boiler for ? To generate heat for the hot water tank, radiators or floor heating . Generally, the power of this equipment should be 9 to 12 kW for an area up to 100 m² (heating and domestic hot water). Beyond that, it will be better to turn to an electric boiler of 15 to 24 kW.

It is also important to take into account the outside temperature and the loss of energy due to the quality of the insulation. It is possible that you are lost between these various data, that is why the assistance of an expert in the matter is always asked to make sure to make a good purchase.

Efficiency and power consumption: key criteria

The yield

The heating capacity of an electric boiler depends on its efficiency , which is the ratio between the energy consumed and the energy produced. In theory, the efficiency of an electric boiler can go up to 100% because there is no heat loss as opposed to combustion boilers (gas, wood …).

In this respect, our MINI EUROPE boiler offers the best performance on the market, around 95%.

Power consumption

The electric boiler will allow you to not pay fuel as opposed to the wood boiler , gas or fuel. However, it is on your electricity bill that you will find the cost. We can also cheer the progress made in the latest models of electric boilers, which allow you to realize up to 15% electricity savings compared to traditional models.

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