What is a condensing boiler ?

Recent technology for boilers, the so-called “condensing boiler” offers some advantages such as simplicity, reduction of fuel consumption and better performance than conventional combustion boilers (wood, gas and oil). Although more expensive to buy, it (…)

What is an expansion vessel?

An expansion tank (or expansion vessel)  in a heating circuit is essential to keep the installation in good condition. Most of the time red in colour, it is mandatory and is directly integrated into the (…)

What is an electric storage boiler ?

Many types of electric boilers exist. And among them, there are the storage boilers. What is it about ? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? Why is it a “mixed” boiler ? The electric (…)

What is a modulating electric boiler ?

Different solutions exist to heat your home. Some are more adapted than others according to several criteria. The electric boiler remains one of the best solutions. As its name suggests, it is a heating system (…)

Which radiators should I choose for my boiler ?

When you choose a radiator for your electric boiler (or gas or oil), its composition affects its speed of heating and cooling. Knowing which is the best material for a radiator is a common question (…)

What are the disadvantages of a wood boiler ?

Highly appreciated for its authenticity, the wood boiler is an excellent alternative for heating in areas not connected to the gas network. Despite its many assets such as its ecological aspect or its high level (…)

Ecodesign : What is ErP 2018 ?

The “Energy related products” Directive (ErP) was initiated in 2015. It is European and aims to replace domestic products which are too energy intensive and potentially harmful for the environment. The goal is to reduce (…)

Heating : what is the VDI 2035 directive ?

The mention “VDI Directive 2035” is often used on the walls or in the technical specifications of heat pump, boiler, ducting or convector systems. What is it exactly VDI 2035 : a standard for water (…)

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