Electric heating is the subject of much criticism for its harmful effects on the environment. However, compared to other heating modes, the electric boiler does not emit CO2, which is nevertheless one of the main causes of climate change. Is heating with electricity really bad for the environment ?

CO2 Emissions : what are the dangers ?

Electric heating is often blamed for being an ecological horror. However, this one uses energy that does not require combustion to heat homes, and therefore does not emit CO2. Dangerous for the health and the environment, this greenhouse gas constitutes today a real ecological issue.

To act in favor of the environment and reduce their daily energy consumption, more and more European households are abandoning their aging and polluting heating mode, same as for the old boilers with heating oil or gas. Their harmful effects not only affect the planet, but also the health of the inhabitants. The emission of carbon monoxide can indeed cause headaches, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. For people with asthma, the impact of such a gas should not be neglected.

Heating yourself with electricity: why make that choice ?

Heating is a cost, which affects not only energy bills but also the environment. The heating of the main residences generates nearly 81% of CO2 emissions.

Among the most polluting modes of heating : those who use fossil fuels. For example, studies show that gas and household heating appliances emit more greenhouse gases than cars. A study by the CEREN (Center for Economic Studies and Research on Energy) has shown that homes heated with electricity emit 2 times less CO2 to heat than a gas-heated housing, and 3 to 5 times less than an oil fired hearth. The reason: electrical energy is produced by both nuclear and hydro. Not to mention the part of renewable electricity in the energy that is booming and continues to grow in favor of the exploitation of coal or nuclear, to meet the standards imposed by the European Union.

In the case of the ThermoGroup electric boiler for example, the latter does not pollute because it emits no greenhouse gases, and thus avoids the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Not to mention its yield close to 100%, which provides households an excellent heating comfort while allowing them to save energy.

Finally, it should be noted that in the case of well insulated housing, heating with an electric boiler is very efficient. You should think about undertaking energy renovation work to isolate your home (there are many state aids) and invest in a recent and efficient electric boiler, such as the Mini Europe boiler.

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